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Bob Dylan’s Argument with a Leftist

God On Our Side

Chronicling Chronicles (reactions to Bob Dylan’s autobiography)

The Whole Wide World is Watching

Bob Dylan’s 1985 interview on the ABC TV show 20/20

20/20 Hindsight (Outtakes from Bob Dylan’s 1985 Interview on ABC TV)

Bob Dylan Tells President Sarkozy What He Thinks of Globalism (from 2009 Rolling Stone Interview)

Not Enough Guns (1993 MTV interview with Bob Dylan and Carlos Santana)

Who’s That Girl (from the Red River Shore)?

Look My Way an’ Pump Me a Few (Greil Marcus, Sean Wilentz and Christopher Ricks Talk Bob Dylan at Columbia University)

Here also is some related material I wrote for other publications:

Originally for The Weekly Standard, now in the Washington Examiner:

In First Things: